Q3 Performance Reports

26 October 2020

The MPI Performance Reports for Q3 2020 are now available online for you to view and download. To obtain your copy please click the button below.

The table above shows a summary of the Q3 performance calculated from actual client portfolio data submitted by over 50 contributing managers. 

Investment Managers Survey

Over the third quarter, the MPI peer group indices achieved positive returns in all three risk categories for Sterling, Dollar and Euro portfolios. Overall, Dollar portfolios performed better than Sterling and Euro, reflecting the strong performance in US equities and a looser monitory policy adopted by the Fed. While performance in July and August was generally strong, September saw a reversal of fortunes across most markets as concerns that a second wave would prompt fresh lockdowns.

Over the period managers increased their overall exposure to equities and reduced both government and corporate bond holding. Gold also saw increased interest with around a third of managers increasing there holdings. There was little consensus over currencies with most managers happy to keep their current exposure to the dollar, euro and yen. Overall most managers reported that they were ‘about the same’ or ‘slightly less’ optimistic about the economic outlook going into Q4.